St. Matthew Come Back Plan

Greetings and God's Blessings!! (Updated 5/28/20)

The Archdiocese has stated that we may start offering mass for the congregation again beginning May 31st, with specific guidelines.

  • Daily masses will not be starting at this time - only one mass offered on Sunday morning.
  • NOTE: The obligation for Sunday Mass is dispensed until after July 5th.
  • People who are 65 years or older and may have health issues are to PLEASE STAY HOME.
  • If you are not feeling well with cold or flu symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME.

As we adhere to Archdiocesan policies, State of Wisconsin guidelines, and my discernment for ministering to St. Matthew Parish and Shepherd of the Hills Parish, we will proceed with the following stipulations.

  1.  Beginning on May 31st, we will have one mass offered and open to our parishioners (with limitations). St. Matthew will celebrate mass at 8:00AM ONLY. Attendance in the church is limited to 100 people rather than 25% of the church capacity. Mass will not be shown in the cafeteria. It will still be on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we reach capacity in the Church, we have to send people home. Since the church must be fully disinfected after, we will start with one mass. 
  2. If you are willing to help disinfect the church after our celebration of mass, please contact the Parish Office and let us know your willingness to help.  
  3. People attending mass should wear a mask and sit only in the open pews. We will close 3 pews between people. A family (that is those who live together) may sit together in an open pew. There will need to be 6 feet minimum distance between others attending mass. 
  4. The only ministries at mass will be a musician and cantors with a minimum of 6 feet between them. There will be no sacristans, no lectors, no servers, and no communion distributors until further notice. The priest will be the only one handing out communion - unless the priest is unable to do so because of age/health - then one designated person will distribute for the priest.  
  5. Because of the spreading of germs, there will be no books or cards in the pews. Prayers will be said from memory along with the songs.
  6. For the collection of offerings, we will have baskets placed in the church and the ushers will carry the baskets to the sacristy after mass. There is no passing of the basket or a handled basket for the collection as we need to keep the 6 feet distance from others. Please place your monetary offering in the collection basket before mass starts.
  7. It is best if ushers wear a mask and gloves.
  8. Mass will only be offered at St. Matthew until further notice (chapel masses will not be offered). The only mass offered is 8:00am Sunday mornings at St. Matthew Church.

I know attending Mass is one of our most important practices for our faith but at this time we need to move forward with extreme caution. Remember, just because we can attend Mass does not mean the danger of Covid-19 is over.  Extreme caution must be followed.  I am asking for everyone's cooperation during this transition.    

Thank you and God's Blessings,

Fr. Mark


If you would like confession please contact Fr. Mark at 262-752-7646

Catholic Comeback

Pizza Sales Update

The St. Matthew School pizza fundraiser has been cancelled.  We are currently processing refunds for the pizza sales and hope to have them distributed soon.  Thank you for your patience.

Sunday Mass

Please join us for Sunday Mass on FOX6 every week!

Starting Sunday, April 19, FOX6 News Milwaukee will be broadcasting Sunday Mass LIVE EVERY SUNDAY at 11 a.m. during this time when individual parish Masses are suspended. Every Sunday will be LIVE from The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee. Please share with family and friends, and join us! A special thank you to Fox 6 News Milwaukee for their generous community partnership in offering Mass every week for all to enjoy.

-Archbishop Listecki

Scrap Metal Drive

Although our annual scrap metal drive originally scheduled for April 25 was cancelled, the aluminum can collection has begun!  The aluminum can dumpster is located in the church parking lot.  You can drop off aluminum cans from now until June 4th.  Thank you for your support.

Please Note:

The Parish Center is closed until further notice.  We are monitoring and responding to your emails, so please email us at [email protected] with your questions. 



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St. Martin Field Mass

We are sad to announce that St. Martin's Field Mass, originally scheduled for Sunday, June 14th, has been cancelled. 

Letter From Fr. Mark 3.25.20

My Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

I would like to assure you that I am remembering you in prayer during this difficult pandemic reality. At each mass, although prayed in private, I hold all of you before God and pray for your safety, health, and well being. Also, each petition that is assigned to each mass is also being remembered and fulfilled. Know your intentions and loved ones are not forgotten but remembered at each mass. Having mass without the communities physical presence is something I never thought I would ever experience. However, being able to pray mass with all of you in mind does bring a sense of peace for me in this time of uncertainty and illness. 

Prayer is the best way to combat this difficult time and I encourage all you to pray together and remember those who are suffering from this experience. Pray for the sick, pray for the dying, pray for those experiencing financial difficulty and businesses that are suffering. I would also encourage you to pray for your parish - the members and our financial survival.

I am also asking, if you are able, to please continue your contributions to our parish. Without your financial support we will need to cut back on our programs and staff. This would be truly sad if we would not come through this time with security and strength. Your prayerful support and financial support is needed. Please do what you can, realizing not everyone can keep up their regular contribution, I just ask you to remember your parish. I will continue to pray for you and your loved ones. Please remember me in your prayers.

God’s Blessings For You And Your Loved Ones,
Fr. Mark

Please mail your donations to:

St. Matthew Parish

P.O. Box 740

Campbellsport, WI 53010

Or click here to donate online via Online Giving with WeShare

Please note that SMC must pay a small fee to WeShare for online donations. 

Scrip Update

Dear St. Matthews Families,

Effective today, 3/16/2020, all in-person scrip sales will be put on hold until Covid-19 is under control.  If you have bought scrip before, you should have an account that is attached to your email and you can continue to make purchases online.  

Please visit to set up an account and continue earning money toward tuition.  If you have any questions on how to do this, please text Ms. Jan at (920)904-6016. You will be asked for an enrollment code.  This code is LBE32EF736L.  I will be checking on our scrip account a few times a week.

Thank you for your patience. 

Ms. Jan & Becky Beck

Co-Scrip Coordinators

[email protected]

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Friday 8am-11:30am

NOTE: The Parish Center will be closed until further notice in light of CoVID-19. We are still monitoring emails. Please email [email protected]

419 Mill Street • Campbellsport, WI
(920) 533-4441
Parish Office Email: [email protected]

Mass Times

3:00pm Reconciliation
4:00pm Mass at St. Matthew

Sunday Masses
7:30am St. Martin Chapel (2nd Sunday)
7:30am St. Kilian Chapel (4th Sunday)
7:30am St. Matthew (1st & 3rd Sundays)
9:00am St. Matthew (Every Sunday)

8:30am Communion Service
• Perpetual Help Devotions following

8:30am Daily Mass (also w/ school children during school year)
• Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 9am-10am

8:30am Communion Service

8:30am Daily Mass

8:30am Communion Service


  • Tue, Jun 2nd

  • Wed, May 27th